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DUI Defense

Know Your Rights!

A DUI is a very serious offense. If you are convicted, you face mandatory jail time and loss of license. This could impact your current and future employment opportunities. Everyone makes mistakes, but don't let a DUI impact your long term future. Contact William F. Kroeger to help you today.


Have you or a loved one been arrested for a crime?  Criminal law can be very complicated and criminal charges can be life-changing.  You need an attorney who has the experience to secure a fair outcome for your case. Whether you're facing probation violations, theft/burglary, drug charges or assault, the Law Office of William F. Kroeger can provide you with experienced and aggressive legal representation.

Violent Crimes

If you or a loved one have been charged with a violent crime, the attorney you choose may be the most important decision you have ever made. We help you through this difficult time by thoroughly examining your case and giving you the legal advice you need to get the most favorable outcome. With over 20 years of experience, William F. Kroeger is here to help you.

Sexual Offenses

Have you or a loved one been accused of a sex crime?  If you are convicted, severe penalties such as a prison sentence and lifetime sex offender registration can be imposed. You will need an aggressive defense team to help protect your rights and salvage your reputation. Contact William F. Kroeger today.

Traffic Offenses

We protect your rights after a traffic stop.  William F. Kroeger is here to help you understand your rights and work to keep your record clean after being charged with reckless driving, speeding, driving on a revoked or suspended license, etc.   Contact us today for experienced representation.

Drug Charges

Being convicted of drug charges can leave a permanent mark on your record. It is imperative to seek professional legal representation to avoid this. A drug charge, however, does not have to lead to a conviction. Contact our experienced team and we can defend you with cases such as:

  • Possession and possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance
  • Selling Drugs
  • Conspiracy
  • Cultivation
  • Drug Trafficking

Assault/Domestic Assault

Being charged with an assault or domestic assault is a very serious issue.  If convicted, these charges can have long term effects on your life and career.  It is important to choose an experienced attorney to help you preserve your rights.  If you've been charged with domestic violence, you need William F Kroeger for the best chance for success.

Juvenile Offenses

A conviction for many juvenile offenses can have serious long-term consequences. If your child is accused of a crime, the first thing you need to do is hire an experienced attorney.

  • Drug possession 
  • Alcohol possession 
  • Shoplifting and theft 
  • Assault 
  • Traffic violations 
  • Delinquent
  • All other criminal charges